quinta-feira, 18 de maio de 2006

Desiderata of the guitar

Go placidly into the practice room and remember what peace there may be in playing the guitar. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with your guitar.
Keep your back straight and your posture relaxed. Move your body where it wants to go. Be like the deer and the leopard. They know nothing of follow-through's or sympathetic motions. They move effortlessly preferring to let the wind carry them.
Especially know that your fingers have their own secrets. Let them speak to you. Keep a quiet mind and listen to your body. Do not fight your body or you will kill its natural impulses. Do not impose your will on your fingers or you will subdue their talents.
Let your music speak for you. Do not try to impress your peers. Jealous persons intent on finding faults will find them.
Avoid loud vexatious persons who will tell you the secrets of life. The world is full of wise men who hide behind a wall of self-delusion. Listen to their playing and ignore their words. Words are cheap, advice is easy, but diligent practice is hard and great playing is rare.
Trust your judgment, do not follow the pack. Crowd hysteria exists in all quarters. Rather find your own space and believe in it. Follow your instincts for they will lead you to unexpected and delightful places.
Listen to every one and listen to no one. The great players and the not so great, they all have their stories. Listen to them and take with you what you need.
As you gain in wisdom, do not be afraid to share it. But realize that many have not traveled the same roads. Do not impose your wisdom on others, let them come to you.
Indulge in your music. Move with the rhythm, Let your melodies sing of the joys and sorrows of life. Play only those pieces which move you. Life is too short to spend on pieces which do not speak to you.
Therefore be at peace with your guitar, whatever you conceive it to be. Practice hard. Strive to be happy.
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